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NYacad - VisualWeld :

Weld Symbols Visual Weld the program for adding Weld Symbols in AutoCAD drawings. Advanced interface and options of this program will help you in your work. Almost all possible weld symbols can be designed in form and added in drawing.

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Installation and Setup

Remark for users of Acad Officer program (Visual Weld included): Skip this section.

After auto installation is complete you will find the new folder on your workstation:C:VisualWeld

Include two files VisualWeld.lsp and VisualWeld.dvb (found under C:VisualWeld directory) in ACAD Startup Suite. To do it:

  • Type "appload" at the command prompt
  • Press button “Contents…”
  • Click on “Add…” button and browse to find files: VisualWeld.lsp and VisualWeld.dvb. Select both files and Press ‘Add’
  • Close dialog windows

To launch ‘Visual Weld’ form enter shortcut WE.

The program gives at your disposal a number of options for building different weld symbols, setting scale, text style. Weld symbols added by this program are blocks with attributes.

Leaders used in weld symbol are ATTACHED to the block: if you move the symbol, the leader is following the block. All settings you have made for adding symbols will be saved and next time you open the form all settings will be restored.

You should start using this application from setting Weld Symbol Templates.

Three templates are available for this release with setting shown in form.

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You can change setting:

  • Enter meaningful names of clients in Templates
  • Enter names of Layers and Text styles in form for the number of settings you are planning to use in your work.

  • Click on corresponding option button (1, 2 or 3) and press button
  • In opened template add new layers and set their properties.
  • Add new text style and set properties.
  • Save and close template (Do not change the name of template – AutoCAD drawing).

Repeat steps shown above for other templates.

Press button Add Weld to insert Weld Symbol in drawing and follow AutoCAD prompt. To close the form use button ‘Exit’.

If you missed to add component of weld symbol (e.g. weld all around symbol etc.) or you need to add more leaders you can do it.

Click on the corresponding option button in Add to Weld Ref. section (see picture) and press button Go!

Leaders will be associated with Weld Symbol: if you move the symbol, the leader is following the block. Use shortcuts W2, W3 and W4 – it is faster.

Associated Leaders can be added to any block in your drawing (not necessarily weld symbol) or as just plain leader without text.

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NYacad - VisualWeld

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