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AFV - 3D Spiral Stair :

If you're still looking for a fast, easy-to-use, low-priced spiral stair routine, stop searching.

Discover the simplicity of 3D Spiral Stair, an innovative, versatile and powerful add-on for AutoCAD 2000 and up, and ADT.

This 2 prompt Fast Load AutoLISP (FAS) application lets you build a complete, high detail, 3D spiral stair, even in Spanish style. Includes center post, post plate, tread supports, balusters, landing, and optional riser closure.

Just specify floor height and stair diameter. You'll watch the stair being built in seconds. Available settings include 5 attractive architectural styles, several post diameters and a Maximum Riser Height feature, which the program uses for calculating the best configuration to fit your project needs.

After the stair has been constructed, at the command prompt you'll see very helpful information at the design stages, such as number of risers, final riser height, height from tread 1 to tread above, and xy plane landing angle.

3D Spiral Stair is available for metric and imperial units. A graphical tutorial is available for download. With your purchase you’ll receive an interactive animation Spanish style stair sample.

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Features & Tips :

  • 10 styles of balusters, 3 styles of tread supports, 3 types of treads, 2 sizes of handrails.
  • Optional riser closure.
  • Settings chart.
  • Options for post diameter and maximum riser height.
  • Each element has its unique layer.
  • Metric (m, cm and mm) and Imperial units.
  • Final model suitable for rendering.
  • Imperial and Metric Graphical Tutorials.
  • AutoCAD 2000+ and ADT compatible.
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How to install :

  1. Copy the 3D Spiral Stair.fas and 3D Spiral Stair menu files with the extensions: mnu, cui and cuix to your AutoCAD Support directory.
  2. Copy the 3D Spiral Stair BLOCKS.ZIP (e.g. to a 3D Spiral Stair directory) and unzip the file. Make sure you set the desired location in the Support File Search Path. (Tools -> Options).
    Go to Tools - Load Application and select 3D Spiral Stair.fas.
  3. Pull-down menu: (AutoCAD 2000 thru 2005)
    Type Menuload. On Menu Groups, browse and look for 3DspiralStair.mnu on your AutoCAD Support directory.
    (On files type choose Menu Template *.mnu). Open the file and Load. Type Yes on “Continue loading mnu file”. Go to Menu bar. Pick a position on the Menu Bar List, press Insert and then Close. The pull-down menu should appear on top of your screen.
    Pull-down menu: (AutoCAD 2006 thru 2009)
    Type Cuiload, then Browse and select 3DspiralStair.cui, then Load and Close. The pull-down menu should appear on top of your screen. Pull-down menu: (AutoCAD 2010) Type Cuiload, then Browse and select 3DspiralStair.cuix, then Load and Close. The pull-down menu should appear on top of your screen.


  • AutoCAD 2011
  • AutoCAD 2012

AFV - 3D Spiral Stair

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