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ProCAD - AutoElectric Network :

AutoELECTRIC is PROCADís solution for simplifying the production of single line diagrams, control schematics and layout drawings.

With an extensive library of symbols, fully automated terminal block insertion and wiring thatís drawn automatically by simply selecting the termination points, AutoELECTRIC includes a wide variety of functions and utilities to improve all aspects of schematic drafting.

In layout mode, automated functions speed up the process of creating plans and sections. A comprehensive selection of electrical symbols and equipment as well as enhanced cable tray drafting functions make AutoELECTRIC indispensable for civil drafting functions such as drawing building outlines, doors and windows.

To see how AutoELECTRIC can help you generate the best drawings possible, see our Software Specifications below, or give it a try with our free AutoELECTRIC Evaluation Software.

View the 2D DESIGNER Product Features.

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Software Specifications

AutoELECTRIC includes both schematic and layout drafting in each package.

Schematics Drafting

  • Contains tools to automatically place electrical symbols, line breaks, text, and attribute data
  • Contains a complete symbol library for Single Line Diagrams and Control Schematics
  • Contains predefined line types for Bus Bar, Panel Wiring, and Field Wiring
  • Contains a comprehensive library of drawings for I/O cards for Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Square D
  • Contains a library of drawings for single & 3 phase Lighting Panel Schedules (6-42 circuits)
  • Contains Shutdown Key Template drawings for E, D & C size drawing borders (A0, A1 & A2)
  • Allows you to place Terminal Blocks and Terminal Block wiring automatically
  • Contains tools to automatically tag Terminal Block wiring and re-number Terminal Blocks
  • Allows you to place symbols in an ON or OFF position
  • Contains a complete symbol set for Terminals
  • Contains tools for automatic line insertion for Terminals
  • Includes attribute or text data for all symbols requiring annotation
  • Contains tools for Wire Tags, Shields, Instrument Tags, Line Break, and Revision Clouds
  • Contains an Automated Layering System that lets you customize the layers to conform to your company standards

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Layout Drafting

  • Includes all required functions to generate layout drawings
  • Allows you to easily insert symbols for Switches, Receptacles, Emergency Lights, Flood Lights, and more
  • Contains a complete set of Cable Tray drafting functions
  • Contains predefined line types for Ground Wire, Conduit/Cable, Heat Tracing, and Underground Conduit
  • Allows you to easily draw building outlines, doors, windows, and fences
  • Operates in Model Space
  • Contains special utilities for moving between Model and Paper Space
  • Contains a special utility for changing scales in Paper Space viewports
  • Contains drawing functions for Cable Tags, Material Tags, Instrument Tags, Line Breaks, and Revision Clouds
  • Allows you to create user defined Area Classification blocks
  • Contains an Automated Layering System where you can customize layers to conform to your company standards

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Available in the U.S.A Only.

ProCAD - AutoElectric Network

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