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CADfx - X-Filer :

CADfx - X Filer

New Version

  • AutoCAD 2010 compatibility
  • 64-bit AutoCAD support
  • Newer simplified licensing

X-Filer is a drawing management and archival utility that ends a user's worries about incorrect drawing paths, lost Xrefs, missing fonts, and images when sending drawings to someone else. X-Filer allows you to simplify your eTransmittal process and avoid those lost xreferences.

X-Filer lets you share files with consultants/clients retaining the 'project' directory structure regardless of drive specifications used at different sites. X-Filer allows you to send a series of drawings out of the office insuring that you send ALL the files needed to use the set while also insuring that you send ONLY the files needed.

You can copy files from a network drive to your laptop to work on at home, or on the road. In the act of copying the files to your laptop, they are repathed automatically to be read from your local drive. Any changes you make to the drawings on your laptop may then be "packed" back to the network just as easily and accurately. To make the process of transferring files even easier, all the necessary files are processed at once and can be archived into one ZIP file once they are repathed.

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  • Batch process any number of drawings
  • Process multiple base drawings - there is no need to open each base drawing
  • Copies a file and all referenced files
  • ZIP Sets of files
  • Copies Xrefs, fonts, images, Shape files
  • Select which referenced files you want to copy
  • Save and retrieve sets
  • Copy to a single directory
  • Strip pathing to a single directory
  • Repath to a new location
  • Generate multiple report styles
  • Error trapping and error logging

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New Features in Version 2.0:

  • Newer, refined user interface
  • Support directory option has been added to "Save to Dir" portion to simplify transmittals
  • Now handles Plot support files (i.e. .ctb, .stb, .pc3 files)
  • A "Favorites" link is now included in the main dialog
  • Ability to set the level of how deep to go for xrefs
  • New and updated reports
  • The "Errors" report tab has been streamlined
  • Support for "shortcuts" (i.e. favorites) in any folder
  • Option to include a readme file that contains instructions for recipients of your transmittal
CADfx - X-Filer

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