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CADopia 11 Standard Edition :

CADopia Standard Edition is the perfect CAD tool for students, educators, architects, designers, drafters, and engineers virtually anyone who creates or uses CAD drawings. The Standard Edition is adequate if your needs are limited to basic drafting, dimensioning and annotation.

Feature List Of CADopia Standard Edition 

  • Native support for .dwg format.
  • Drafting and drawing entities.
  • Print style tables.
  • Reference Drawing Manager
  • Export drawings to DWF Files
  • Entity Snaps.
  • Dimensioning.
  • Property Sheets for easier editing.
  • Tracking and Polar Tracking.
  • Complex LineType Support.
  • Comprehensive editing features.
  • Supports OLE Objects.
  • 3D- Wireframe.
  • Multiple Sheet Space Layouts.
  • ESRI SHP file support.
  • Raster image support.
  • Advanced Printing and plotting
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Native support for .dwg format

CADopia's native file format is .dwg. It allows you to open and save any existing Autodesk AutoCAD file (V2.5 through 2010) and there is no file conversion or data loss. CADopia also provides a high degree of compatibility with the AutoCAD command set, menu files, scripts, as well as with Auto LISP and Autodesk ADS. If you regularly receive files from clients that are in one format and you need to convert them to another format, CADopia can do that too.

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Drafting and drawing entities 
CADopia Standard is a powerful tool for drawing basic drawing and drafting entities. It supports a comprehensive suite of drawing and dimensioning tools. It supports linetypes, lineweights, true type fonts, true colors and all other functionalities of a truly outstanding precision drafting software..

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Print style tables

The following printing features have greatly enhanced flexibility and control over the printing process:
  • specify pen widths, linetypes, and lineweight regardless of color.
  • store and share print style tables (.ctb and .stb files).

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Reference Drawings Manager
Attaching and working with external references is now easier with the Reference Drawings Manager. You can view a detailed list of the referenced drawing, or you can view a hierarchical display that shows how drawings are nested and related to one another. Quickly attach, detach, reload, bind, open, and change the path for all external references in the current drawing.

The Reference Manager allows you to efficiently manage the referenced drawings.

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Export drawings to DWF Files
Many users prefer to collaborate and share their work using the Internet. They can share their drawings with their peers using either DWF format files. Now, you can export files in DWF formats directly from CADopia 11 and your colleagues can open them using their Internet Browser, without the requirement to have a CAD software installed on the system.

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Entity Snaps
The existing Intersection Snap has a new Extended option, which snaps to the logical location where two entities would intersect if they were of infinite length.

The new Apparent Intersection Snap tool snaps to the intersection of two entities that are not in the same plane but seem to intersect in the current view. You can also use its Extended option, which snaps to the logical location where two entities would intersect if they were of infinite length.

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You can easily dimension entities with CADopia Standard Edition. A complete suite of dimensioning tools are available. You can create and edit dimension settings as per your drawing requirements. Its easy to modify and edit the settings.

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 You can also create your own dimension styles and save those under unique names for use in your current drawing.

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Property Sheets for easier editing
The new property sheets allow you to edit, modify and query different drawing entities more easily.

CADopia 11 Standard Edition

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