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upFront.eZine - Tailoring Visual Styles by Ralph Grabowski :

Tailoring Visual Styles – a mini eBook for AutoCAD users

Tailoring Visual Styles is the fourth in Ralph Grabowski’s series of “mini” eBooks for the AutoCAD user.

The 74-page PDF book contains tutorials for learning AutoCAD 2007’s new visual styles system. The PDF book features:

  • Guided tour of visual styles
  • Working with the Tool Palette, Dashboard, Visual Styles toolbar, and Visual Styles palette
  • Commands and system variables that affect visual styles
  • Coverage of the perplexing Background and Ground Shadow options
  • Two full-length tutorials on working with visual styles
  • 130 figures and dozens of tips

As with all of our PDF books:

  • All illustrations in full color
  • Formatted for printing on standard 8.5×11 paper
  • Margins designed for three-hole punching

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 — Introduction to Visual Styles

The Wheres and Hows of Visual Styles, Visual Style Names, Plotting and Rendering Considerations

The Range of Visual Style Properties

Invoking Visual Styles, Visual Styles Toolbar and Menu

3D Terms

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Chapter 2 — Visual Styles on Tool Palettes

Trying Out Visual Styles, Visual Style: X-Ray, Visual Style: Sketchy, Visual Style: Shades of Gray

Visual Style Tool Palette Options

Changing Visual Styles on Tool Palettes

Adding Visual Styles to Tool Palettes

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Chapter 3 — Visual Styles & the Dashboard

Touring the Visual Styles Control Panel

Toolbar, X-Ray Mode, Shadows, Face Colors, Tuning Dialog, Visual Styles Manager

Predefined Visual Styles

Face Styles, Face Styles, Facets or Smooth

Edge Styles, Facet Edges/IsoLines, Edge Overhang, Edge Jitter, Silhouette Edges

Hidden & Intersection Line Colors, Obscured Edges, Intersection Edges

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Chapter 4 — The Visual Styles Palette

Shortcut Menu Options

Face Settings, Face Style, Materials and Color, Toolbar

Environment Settings, Adjusting Shadows, Edge Settings, Edge Modifiers, Edge Modifiers Toolbar, Fast Silhouette Edges, Obscured Edges, Intersection Edges

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Chapter 5 — Tutorial 1: Creating Visual Styles

Step 1 — Determine Probable Parameters

Step 2 — Name the New Style

Step 3 — Fiddling With Properties, Fast Silhouette Edges — On, Edge Mode — Facet Edges, Crease Angle — 180, Face Settings — None, Obscured Edges — Off, Backgrounds — On

Step 4 — Sharing Via Tool Palette

Step 5 — Drawing Test

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Chapter 6 — Tutorial 2: CUI & Visual Styles

Adding Custom Vs-Commands

Catalog of Visual Style Commands in CUI

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Appendix a — Command & Sysvar Summary

Related Commands

Related System Variables

Appendix b — Supported Graphics Boards

upFront.eZine - Tailoring Visual Styles by Ralph Grabowski

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