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upFront.eZine - Tailoring Dynamic Blocks by Ralph Grabowski :

Tailoring Dynamic Blocks the “mini” eBook for all AutoCAD users. It is the first in a new series of “mini” eBooks.

The 66-page eBook contains tutorials for learning about dynamic blocks and the Block Editor environment in AutoCAD 2006 and up. The eBook features:

  • Guided tour of Block Editor
  • Commands specific to Block Editor
  • Comprehensive parameter reference
  • Catalog of dynamic blocks
  • History of dynamic blocks
  • Tutorials on creating dynamic blocks
  • Dozens of tips
  • Extensive documentation on related system variables
  • Now updated for AutoCAD 2008
  • All illustrations in full color
  • Formatted for printing on standard 8.5×11 paper
  • Margins designed for three-hole punching

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Dynamic Blocks

History of Dynamic Blocks. Trying Out Dynamic Blocks. Actions of Dynamic Blocks.

Chapter 2: The Block Editor

  • Guided Tour of Block Editor. Block Editor Toolbar.
  • Commands Specific to Block Editor. Utility Commands. Parameter and Action Commands. Grips Commands. Visibility Commands. Attribute Commands.
  • Relationship Between Parameters and Actions. Block Editor Authoring Palette. Summary of Actions.
  • Disabled Commands

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Chapter 3: Comprehensive Parameter Reference

  • The BParameter and BAction Commands. Common Parameter Options. Further Options.
  • Point Parameter. Point-Move Action. Point-Stretch Action.
  • Linear Parameter. Unique Options. Linear-Array Action. Linear-Move Action. Linear-Scale Action. Linear Stretch Action.
  • Polar Parameter. Unique Prompts. Polar-Array Action . Polar-Move Action . Polar-Polar Stretch Action. Polar-Scale Action. Polar-Stretch Action.
  • XY Parameter. Unique Prompts. XY-Array Action. XY-Move Action. XY-Scale Action. XY-Stretch Action.
  • Rotation Parameter. Unique Prompts. Rotation-Rotate Action.
  • Alignment Parameter. Unique Prompts.
  • Flip Parameter. Unique Prompts. Flip-Flip Action.
  • Visibility Parameter.
  • Lookup Parameter.
  • Base Parameter.

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Chapter 4: Beditor Tutorials

  • Tips on Creating Dynamic Blocks. Block Authoring Palette. Placing Parameters. Placing Actions. Viewing Relationships. How Parameter Sets Work. Debugging Dynamic Blocks.
  • Move-Point Tutorial. Starting AutoCAD and Entering Block Editor. Assigning the Point Parameter. Assigning the Move Action. Testing the Dynamic Block.
  • Stretch-Linear Tutorial. Changing the Parameter Label. Using Ortho Mode. Double-click to Apply the Stretch Action.
  • Rotate-Rotation Tutorial. Using Parameter Sets. Double-clicking to Activate Rotation. Editing Parameters with Properties & Restricting Movement.
  • Alignment Tutorial. Add the Alignment Action. Aligning Blocks to Objects.
  • Flip-Flip Tutorial. Entering Commands at the Keyboard. Adding the Flip Action.
  • Visibility Tutorial. Opening Drawings in Block Editor. Placing the Visibility States Parameter. The Visibility States Dialog Box.

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a — Catalog of Dynamic Blocks

b — System Variable Reference

upFront.eZine - Tailoring Dynamic Blocks by Ralph Grabowski

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